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This is the first time travel, multiple-ending story in the bestselling, award-winning Caroline American Girl series. It is also Kathleen's twenty-ninth published book.

This story is written for readers age 8 and up who enjoy historical fiction without sex, gore, or explicit violence.

Story Description

What if you suddenly found yourself in Caroline's world, right in the middle of the War of 1812? How would it feel to know your home is under attack—and how would you stay strong during such a scary time?

Join Caroline on adventures where the two of you could find ways to help the Americans win, confront a possible spy, or even plunge headfirst into ice-cold Lake Ontario! Your journey back in time can take whatever twists and turns you choose, as you select from a variety of exciting options in this multiple-ending story.


About the Author

Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst writes award-winning mysteries and historical fiction for adults and young readers. Her work has earned numerous honors, including multiple Edgar and Agatha mystery award nominations, and an Emmy for children's educational programming.

To date readers have purchased over 1.7M printed, ebook, and audio copies of Kathleen's thirty-five published booksmore>>

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Time Travel

Author Kathleen Ernst at Williamsburg Virginia as a young child circa 1965.
"If you’ve read the original Caroline stories, have you ever wished you could actually meet her? When I was writing the first seven Caroline books, I often wished I could get a real peek at..." more>>

It's Up To You!

Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst reading as a child. "I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember. When I was nine or ten, I decided that if reading books was so much fun, writing my own stories would be even better. In a few months..." more>>





Author's Note

Have you ever wanted to travel back through time?

When I was writing the first Caroline stories, I often wished I could somehow get a peek at life in 1812 New York. That experience comes to life in the pages of my newest book.

The heroine of Catch The Wind uses a special compass to zip back two hundred years, and meet Caroline in person! The two have some amazing adventures…and become good friends. 


A compass used by a U.S. Navy sailor during the War of 1812 plays an important role in Catch The Wind.

illustration of the antique compass that appears in Catch The Wind, a Caroline American Girl book by author Kathleen Ernst

American Girl had an artist paint this picture of what that compass looks like.