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Agatha Award Nominee for Best Children’s/Young Adult Mystery
— Malice Domestic

WILLA Award Finalist for Best Children’s/Young Adult Book
— Women Writing the West

Multiple national mystery award nominated Whistler In The Dark is the second of Kathleen's mysteries for American Girl, and the sixth of her twenty-five published books. It is written for readers age 9 to adult who enjoy Wild West era historical fiction without any sex, gore, or explicit violence. It is available as a 144-page book in softcover and hardcover.

Story Description

It’s 1867. Twelve-year-old Emma Henderson is mortified when Mother takes to wearing a Reform Dress—hideous bloomers!  Worse, Mother has accepted a newspaper job in wild, far-off Colorado Territory. But even Emma can’t imagine just how badly things will go in Twin Pines. From the moment she and Mother step off the stagecoach, it’s clear that someone doesn’t want them there.

This book includes a richly illustrated "Peak Into The Past" essay.

What Others Are Saying


Image of the Women Writing he West logo.  Women Writing The West
WILLA Literary Awards Competition
Judge's Comments

"A page-turner for young and old. The intrigue of the mystery, the background of the mining town, and the lessons on the Women's Dress Reform Movement are woven together to keep the readers' interest. Teaches as well as captivates the reader."

  Shepard Express (Milwaukee, WI)

"...exciting storyline, historical accuracy, beautiful illustrations and a "Peek into the Past" section at the end of the book that provides in-depth and entertaining context. Adults interested in suffragists and 19th-century women newspaper editors will want to borrow this book from their daughters."

About The Author

Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst writes award-winning mysteries and historical fiction for adults and young readers. Her work has earned numerous honors, including multiple Edgar and Agatha mystery award nominations, and an Emmy for children's educational programming.

To date, readers have purchased over one million printed, electronic, and audio copies of Kathleen's twenty-six books. more>>

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Enjoy the author's insights about the story, characters, and settings.

Whistler In The Dark: The Stories Behind The Story

Engraving of Amelia Bloomer. When I attended interpreter training at Old World Wisconsin in the spring of 1982, the Curator of Textiles showed us a photograph of a Wisconsin woman wearing trousers beneath a knee-length skirt. The image shows a woman... more>>

Author's Note

The first time I saw a photograph showing a Civil War-era woman during wearing the Reform Dress (often called the Bloomer Dress), I knew I wanted to write a story about it. Imagine women and girls in the 1800s who had to work hard in factories or farmfields—wearing long skirts and petticoats! Not only was it uncomfortable, it was sometimes dangerous as well.


Wearing trousers was a difficult choice, though. For this book, I wanted to create sympathetic, likeable characters who had different opinions. The main character, Emma, is embarrassed when her mother makes her a Reform Dress. After you finish reading, think about how you would have felt if you’d lived in Emma’s time. What choices would you have made? 

Book Goodies

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Maggie By My Side

In Whistler In The Dark a mysterious person repeatedly whistles  "Maggie By My Side," a then popular song by American songwriter Stephen Foster. "Maggie" was the favorite tune of Emma's father, who had been killed two years earlier during the closing days of the Civil War. Listen to an accoustic recording of this music while watching a series of original photos of Civil War soldiers. CAUTION: the final photo shows soldiers dead on the battlefield.  PLAY.

Maggie By My Side - Stephen Foster - 1854

Emma's World

This illustration by artist Jean-Paul Tibbles shows the frontier town of Twin Pines in the Colorado Territory. The year is 1867.  ENLARGE

Emma's World - Twin Pines - Colorado Territory - 1867


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