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Facing The Enemy contains the stories from Kathleen's previously published Caroline Takes A Chance, Caroline's Battle, and Changes For Caroline American Girl books. These stories are for readers age 8 and up who enjoy historical fiction without sex, gore, or explicit violence.

Story Description

Everyone has been anxiously waiting for the supply boat, but just as it's finally coming into view, Caroline realizes the ship is at risk. What can she do make sure the supplies arrive safely?

Then, while helping on her uncle's farm, Caroline bravely keeps watch for a thief who has been stealing vegetables, and discovers that someone else needs her help.

But when will she get to go home to Sackets Harbor?


About the Author

Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst writes award-winning mysteries, historical fiction, and non-fiction for adults and young readers.

Her work has earned numerous honors, including two lifetime writing achievement awards, an Emmy for educational television, and an Edgar Allan Poe and multiple Agatha Christie mystery award nominations.

To date nearly 1.8 million audio, ebook, and print copies of Kathleen's thirty-eight published books have been purchased. more>>

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An 1812 Gunboat

War of 1812 gunboat, artwork by David Kanietakeron and Peter Rindlisbacher, Fort Wellington National Historic Site of Canada. 
"When I began planning the Caroline Abbott books for American Girl, I quickly decided to make Caroline’s father a shipbuilder. The war in the Great Lakes was largely a naval war, and..." more>>





Author's Note

The War of 1812 presents more challenges for Caroline Abbott!

In this new compilation, Caroline does her best to help her family and friends while facing the enemy on the lake and on land.

While the situations may seem very different from your life, I hope Caroline’s emotions will ring true—and even feel familiar. Happy reading! 



In the book Caroline travels to her uncle's farm to help out. One of her chores is to take care of Garnet the calf. It's love at first sight!

Real life model for Garnet the calf in the Americn Girl Changes for Caroline book by author Kathleen Ernst.Plush toy model for Garnet the calf in the Americn Girl Changes for Caroline book by author Kathleen Ernst.

Here is the real life calf that inspired the author to imagine Garnet, and the plush toy formerly available from American Girl.

Where To Buy

American Girl has "archived" the Caroline doll and accessories, which means they are no longer selling them. However, this Caroline book is still available from the vendors listed below—while supplies last.

NOTE: You can acquire 'as new' softcover copies of Facing the Enemy and my other Caroline books (signed and personalized as desired) directly from me. Request a quote by clicking HERE.

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