This view shows (L-R) St. Theresa Catholic Church, Sasso's Tavern, and the Village of Eagle's yellow smiley-face water tower. (Photo by Scott Meeker.) On her first day as curator of collections, Chloe enters St. Peter's Church after public hours and inadvertently trips a security alarm. (Photo by Scott Meeker.) Chloe drives a Ford Pinto, a model known for exploding gas tanks and tires that blew out at highway speed. Unlike this pristine example, Chloe's Pinto was a rundown rustbucket. (Photo by Julia LaPalme.) When Chloe started at Old World in 1982, some collections were stored in two old trailers. Note: Old World has had a proper modern storage facility for many years. (Photo courtesy Old World Wisconsin.) Chloe discovers her office phone, an old rotary dial model like this, when Byron calls to say Mrs. Lundquist is on her way to meet Chloe at the trailer. (Photographer unknown.) Berget Lundquist can barely see over the steering wheel of her 2 ton, 19 foot long, 1975 white Buick Electra Limited. (Photo from Chloe visits the Kvaale House in Old World's Norwegian area during her initial search for the missing ale bowl. This shelf is where it should have been on display. (Photo by Scott Meeker.) Chloe rents this rural farmhouse, which I lived in while working at Old World Wisconsin. (Photo circa 1982 by Kathleen Ernst.) One of Chloe's favorite reads was a cult classic among historic sites staff when I entered the field.  Originally published in 1970, this is my copy of the 1978 edition. (Photo by Scott Meeker.) Roelke, who's already earned a pilot's license, dreams of buying a “sweet little” Piper J-3 Cub he sees at the Palmyra, WI, airport. (Photo from Chloe thinks Old World's maintenance chief, Stan-the-Man Colontuono, looks like Howdy Doody, the red-haired puppet on the 1947-1960 Howdy Doody TV Show hosted by “Buffalo Bob” Smith. (Photo copyright NBC Universal.) Chloe's intern, Nika Austin, is engaged to marry Joel Carlisle, who drives a silver 1975 Cadillac Eldorado like this one. The Chicago Bears sticker on the back of his car does not endear him local Packer fans. (Photographer unknown.) The long-running Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was a favorite of Bill Solberg, the Daleyville neighbor of Bergit Lundquist. Here Carson is doing his popular 'Carnac the Magnificent' routine. (Photo by CBS-Gabor Rona via Wikipedia.) Roelke plays bass guitar in a band, The Blue Tones, and enjoys blues and jazz music. He listens to Shirley's 1981 cover of the 1945 Cole Porter hit “You'd Be So Good To Come Home To” on his record player. (Copyright Steeplechase Records.) Here's the ale bowl I imagined Mrs. Lundquist having donated to Old World. This copy was created by two Vesterheim Gold Medalists, wood carver Becky Lusk and rosemaler (rose painter) Janet Kjenstad. (Photo by Scott Meeker.) These antique metal sheep shears play a role in the book. (Shears in the author's collection. Photo by Scott Meeker.) Old World helps preserve Ossabaw hogs, a rare breed. In the book a pair of them live in the Norwegian area's Kvaale Farm. (Photo by Scott Meeker.) As a Village of Eagle police officer, Roelke carries a 6-shot, .38 caliber, Smith & Wesson Model 10 pistol while on duty. (Photo by Scott Meeker.) Old World's rural setting supports a wide variety of wildlife, including Sandhill cranes. Chloe loves hearing their plaintive cry, as do I. (Photo by Scott Meeker.) Roelke McKenna loves flying airplane - and jumping out of them. (Photo by Jamison Antoine.) Chloe's calico kitten Olympia is based on my beautiful first cat. (Artwork by Scott Meeker from a photo by Kathleen Ernst.)